Ashley’s help has been invaluable…

During the two months that Ashley (personal trainer) and I have been working together, I have lost over 20 pounds and increased my endurance, flexibility, and strength. From the very beginning, Ashley has been focused on MY goals and what I want to gain from my sessions. Thanks to her education in Dietetics, Ashley is also able to help me find ways to improve my nutrition and to construct my meals to best support my workouts. I also know that each personal training session will be challenging and full of useful information to use in my daily workouts. I have been able to amass a library of training circuits to keep my workouts from getting redundant or boring. Ashley has also made sure I learn correct form to keep myself from getting hurt. Perhaps most importantly, however, Ashley has also increased my confidence – No longer do I feel intimidated to use the free weight areas that once seemed to only be for the “advanced” gym members and I am even more open to trying new machines and cardio activities. Ashley’s help has been invaluable, useful, and motivating.

Ashley would be a great trainer for anyone looking to increase their fitness level (from beginners to advanced) and for anyone who would like diet/nutrition discussions to be a part of their sessions. She’s personable, genuine, and makes the training sessions fun.

Susan Taylor