1. 2015 RAC Scholarship Update – Amy Howe

    In her own words, Amy Howe is fightin' the good fight. The RAC introduced you to Amy Howe, the 2015 RAC For Life Scholarship winner, two months ago and told you about her battle with Stage 2 breast cancer. Unfortunately cancer doesn't always adhere to the plans of doctors and specialists and often times does what it wants. Such was the case for Amy, whose last round of chemotherapy was unsuccessfu…Read More

  2. 2015 RAC For Life Scholarship Winner Announced

    Amy Howe is going to stand out no matter what she does, and that is why she submitted her letter to be considered for this years RAC For Life Scholarship. A Fort Collins native, Amy has been an off and on member of the RAC for a number of years. It was actually her mother, a current member, that heard about the scholarship and encouraged Amy to apply. On the surface, Amy is a beautiful 32 year…Read More

  3. 2014 RAC for Life Scholarship Recap

    CSU student April Freeman was our second RAC For Life scholarship recipient and her year recently came to an end. April recently had a quick Question and Answer session with me to summarize her year and to talk about what her future holds. Q: How were the last few months? A: The last few months have been very busy. I really wish I would have been able to come in more, but when I was able to, I of…Read More