1. RAC Member headed to the Mrs. Colorado Pageant

    It's hard to say no to your 13 year old sister. When Landon Oldham's little sister Paris, just off the cuff, told her she should model and be in beauty pageants she simply laughed it off. "It has just never been my sort of thing," Landon said. But fate has a funny way of intervening and less than 48 hours after politely dismissing her sister's childlike innocence, Landon saw an ad for the Mrs. …Read More

  2. How to make January work at the gym.

    It's no secret that January is the month that gyms thrive on. One statistic shows that 80% of people that resolve to do something better in the new year break their New Year's Resolution, not in the first month, but usually in the first week. In fact the best comment I read while doing my research for this installment was by a guy named Michael, whose pesimistic - heck maybe it was optimistic -…Read More