Degrees & Certifications

• ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
• Golf Fit GFI Golf Fitness Instructor
• Golf Fit GFI Master Trainer
• CPR/First Aid/AED Certified

Specialties & Areas Of Expertise

• Weight Loss & Body Sculpting
• Golf Fitness & Golf Performance
• Balance and Agility Training
• HIIT Training
• Sports Psychology
• Motocross Training (Team H.A.R.D. Nutrition Kawasaki MX Trainer 2 years)

Hobbies & Interests

• Spending time with my wife and six children (all daughters)
• Motocross & mountain biking
• Football
• Coaching amateur athletes

Training Philosophy

Don’t ever judge yourself on your best day or worst day. We are never as good OR as bad as we think we are. Effort is the key to progression, and progression is the key to success in any form of sport or fitness. Think about this: if you can improve just 1% every day for an entire year,  you will be 37 times better than where you started. With that in mind, make sure to set small, short term realistic goals, and work on them daily until you have accomplished them.