Personal / Group Training

We believe personal trainining is our opportunity to empower you physically and mentally along your personal wellness journey.

Our trainers COMMIT:

  • to be professional & provide a non-intimidating environment
  • to motivate and support
  • to create individualized and innovative programs
  • to teach proper technique and ensure safety
  • to keep you accountable

For more information about personal training at the RAC contact a trainer or you can schedule your training session online.


Watch as RAC Personal Trainer Marissa White leads you through a few popular machines at the club. She will walk you through how to set up and properly use each machine to get the best from your workout. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Marissa at Raintree Athletic Club.


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Group Training Programs are another great option for anyone looking to get the extra push from a personal trainer but in a group setting.  The schedule below lists all of our group training program options.

Class Schedules Click for links to downloadable PDF's


7:15am - 8:00amTRX Body BlastAdamTRX
5:30pm - 6:30pmTRX Suspension Training fee basedRachelTRX
6:00pm - 7:00pmCHIKS fee basedSandyStudio 2


7:30pm - 8:30pmFight Like A Girl fee basedMeganStudio 1




9:00am - 10:00amTRX Suspension Training fee basedJennyTRX
6:45pm - 7:45pmCHIKS fee basedSandyStudio 2
7:30pm - 8:30pmFight Like A Girl fee basedMeganStudio 1




9:00am - 9:45amTRX Body BlastAdamTRX



Class Descriptions

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TRX Suspension Training fee based

Challenge yourself with this fast paced workout combo of TRX and cardio drills. Timed sets will keep your heart rate pumping while strengthening your entire body. All fitness levels are welcome. Drop-in rates: $15/members, $20/non-members. Package rate: $125/members *No refunds on missed classes. Only 8 spots available per class. Sign up online or see front desk with questions.

CHIKS fee based

CHIKS - Crazy Hotties In Kick-butt Shape is a motivating and fun exercise and nutrition group that provides great camaraderie and accountability. Meet two times a week for three months, do weekly weigh ins, keep track of calories in and calories out and you can be on your way to achieving your weight loss and fitness goals! Heart monitors are suggested. $22.50/members per session. For additional information please contact Sandy Ernst Aldern at 391-4373.

TRX Body Blast fee based

Join Adam for 4 rounds of total body conditioning. Building strength, balance and flexibility in a short fast paced class! Drop-in rates: $15/members, $20/non-members. Package rate: $125/members *No refunds on missed classes. Only 8 spots available per class. Sign up online or see front desk with questions.

Fight Like A Girl fee based

All women kickboxing and interval circuit training with Personal Trainer Megan Luker. 10 sessions for $120 or drop in for $12.50 per class. Members only. Gloves not included.



Adam Starr

Ashley Talebi

Brandon Brooks 

  • "Hello, my name is Mike Pijoan. I just wanted to provide you with some positive feedback regarding my sessions with Brandon Brooks. I decided that I needed some personal training when I started having trouble with my shoulders (I had not seen a trainer yet). Brandon was recommended by a member of your staff so I started training with him. What a great choice! He identified my problem as the result of a muscle imbalance and started me on a program to rebalance the strength of my deltoids. It worked great and he got me lifting normally again. After I felt more stable I scheduled additional sessions to get back into a standard lifting routine. Now I feel stronger and better than I have in a long time and it's getting better and better! Brandon is above and beyond what I had expected from a personal trainer. He is so supportive, knowledgeable and encouraging! I am really grateful for the help that I have received and I thought you should know. I feel so much better and I recommend him and Raintree to everyone I know who wants to get in shape!" -- Mike Pijoan

Garrett Dyrud

Jenny Powelka 

  • "I am feeling so incredibly strong right now. I don't look any different but I feel different. I think TRX is part of it.  Thank you for encouraging me, welcoming me. And, thanks so much for continuing to make the work-outs different every week and more challenging every week. I LOVE IT!" -- Carol who takes TRX class
  • "I have to say that the TRX workout is my 1st choice above any other fitness exercise to get in shape.  It is a full body workout in exactly one hour.  The trainer Jenny Powelka rocks the class with her boundless energy and challenges you to go beyond what you think your body is capable of.  The benefits are endless.  Since doing TRX I have noticed my body has leaned out, my clothes fit better, I am so much stronger and as a golfer my drives go farther, now who wouldn't want that!" -- Tammy Mackey

Ken Pytluk

Marissa White 

  • "I have been training with Marissa for a few months in preparation for an upcoming triathlon.  Working with Marissa has been great!  In our training sessions, we have focused on developing overall fitness as well as building strength and power in the upper body and core in particular. Marissa consistently puts together unique workouts that keep me motivated while also helping me make the most of the equipment available at the RAC. Even though I was a serious athlete for years, I've learned a lot about new training options from my workouts with Marissa. She has also been great about finding workout options that accommodate old injuries while helping me achieve new levels of fitness I'd definitely recommend working with Marissa for general or event-specific training!" - Lauren Hooten
  • "Marissa has been great! I started sessions when I was training for an intense obstacle course race (Spartan Millitary Sprint) and needed to build upper body strength. Marissa did the research and leared what obstacles I would encounter and catered my sessions to focus on my goal of getting stronger and conquering the obstacles. She kicked my butt each session and I always walked away feeling great and knowing I was one step closer to my goal. I ran the race in May and felt well prepared and capable to tackle each obstacle. Had so much fun! I'm now planning to complete the Spartan Super next April in Las Vegas and need Marissa's help. I've also recruited Marissa's help to assist my teenage daughter with getting ready for her upcoming track season.  I highly recommend Marissa - she is great at listening to your goals and focusing your training around meeting them." -- Leslie Ayres-Reichert
  • "Marissa is the BEST. She is always smiling and has my sessions planned out for me when I arrive. She is quick to change things if needed and we have great fun laughing and working together. She provides excellent feedback and gives me homework along with a digital copy of how to perform the exercises. I highly recommend her for all age groups and always look forward to my next session". -- Jody Roche

Megan Luker

  • Jaime Piper-Peterson spent one year training with Megan leading up to her wedding and saw dramatic results ... she dropped 23.5 inches total.

Michelle Bean

  • "When I decided it was time to try personal training, I had come to the end of my rope with trying to do it on my own or trying the next fad diet. I knew I had to make a life change and I needed someone who could guide me and push me when I needed it. I could not be happier with my choice for a personal trainer.  I was looking for a trainer who would understand where I was and where I wanted to go with my fitness and weight loss. Admittedly, at 53lbs overweight, I was in bad shape on that first day. I had been an athlete in the past and I knew that with a lot of hard work and dedication, I would succeed at being fit once again. What I didn’t know was how incredibly valuable personal training would be for me and how the mental and emotional part of reaching my goal was just as important as the physical. Michelle has been there for me in so many ways: keeping me in check on my nutrition and exercise, encouraging me, and really helping me to focus on changing my life with small, manageable steps. It’s the consistency, accountability and the encouragement that has made all the difference.  Michelle is more than a trainer, she's become a friend…my fitness friend…the person that celebrates my achievements as much as I do.  We are a team and for that I will always be grateful.  She has helped me create a manageable nutrition and fitness program that I can incorporate into my everyday life.  I have never felt healthier than I do now and it just gets better every week. Thank you Michelle, for changing my life and showing me that little changes can add up to such an amazing difference in my life." - Christina Murphy

Sandy Ernst Aldern

  • "My upper body is stronger now than at any time in my life and a tremendous help to me since an accident in 2008 put me in a wheelchair.  My success is due to the expertise and cheerful motivation of personal trainer, Sandy Aldern.  Training with her is enjoyable, something I would never have thought possible about weight lifting, a fitness activity I avoided completely before my accident." -- Bill Wilcox who trains with Sandy Aldern
  • "I am writing to give feedback on how helpful hiring a personal trainer has been for me. Exercising regularly has never come easily to me. It just has never been a priority, much less a habit. With some of the phsical changes that come along with being 50-something years old, I decided I couldn't afford NOT to exercise anymore. I was becoming less agile and was gaining weight! My personal trainer, Sandy Aldern, has provided great direction. She has assessed my needs and abilities and has put together a training program that suits me well. Having a personal trainer has made all the difference for me. The biggest bonus of having this inspiring and encouraging trainer has been learning to pace myself so I don't over work, which has lead to frustration in the past. I think that I might be on my way to developing and exercise habit and it feels great!" -- Kimber Hawes

Tracy Ibarra 

  • View Doug Hoyt's Video Testimonial.
  • "I have been training with Tracy for over a year now.  When I first came to her, I was 50 lbs. overweight and hadn't worked out in years due to a lower back injury.  I wasn't sure if anyone could get me back in shape, but Tracy was amazing!  She was very patient and consistent with my training and introduced workouts that worked well with my injuries, including pool training.  I lost the weight, got back in shape, and haven't felt this good in 20 years!"-- Rose Glenn, Fort Collins
  • "It would be hard to find a more gifted, dedicated and talented aqua exercise trainer than Tracy Ibarra. She has gone out of her way to help people in her classes to identify our needs, overcome our limitations and get the most out of the joyful hours we spend with her.  We are different from each other but united in our admiration and affection for her."-- Claire Cafaro
  • "I have taken classes from Tracy for over ten years and have always found her to be very enthusiastic  and professional. She strives to always make her classes both challenging and enjoyable. She provides the best workout that can possibly be accomplished in the time allowed. She is also very caring and is an excellent trainer."-- Frank Gillespie