We believe personal training is our opportunity to empower you physically and mentally along your personal wellness journey.  Get the individual attention you need to reach your goals. A certified personal trainer will focus on YOUR needs and create a fitness plan tailored to YOUR body. For more information about personal training at the RAC contact a trainer.

Our trainers COMMIT:

  • to being professional & providing a non-intimidating environment
  • to motivate and support
  • to create individualized and innovative programs
  • to teach proper technique and ensure safety
  • to keep you accountable

Personal Training Pricing

Paid-In-Full Training Packages:

Half Sessions:

  • Single: $50
  • 5 Pack: $200
  • 10 Pack: $390

Full Sessions:

  • Single: $65
  • 5 Pack: $280
  • 10 Pack: $530

Monthly Subscriptions:

Half Sessions:

  • 4 Sessions: $156
  • 8 Sessions: $312
  • 12 Sessions: $468

Full Sessions:

  • 4 Sessions: $212
  • 8 Sessions: $424
  • 12 Sessions: $636

When scheduling your session(s), please allow 24 hours prior to appointment when booking. We ask that all sessions be canceled at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time. If 24 hour notice is not given, you may be charged for your session.

Group Training Pricing – Group of 2 or more people

Do you enjoy working out with friends? Whether a group of 2 or 4, our trainers will create a workout to suit everyone’s needs while reaching for goals together. Form a group and reach out to the trainer of your choice to get started.

Full Sessions:

  • Single: $45 (per person)
  • 4 Pack: $160 (per person)
  • 8 Pack: $300 (per person)

*Not a RAC Member? Not a problem. We offer non-member rates for individual and group training sessions. Please contact training@raintreeathleticclub.com for complete rates and details.

Complimentary Sessions

Each Raintree member receives a complimentary Goal and Fitness Assessment and Personal Training session.

Goal & Fitness Assessment

The objective of the Goal and Fitness Assessment is to create a plan of action. This session may include cardiovascular testing, a health risk assessment, Functional Movement Screening, and exercise program planning. The assessments will vary based off individual need.

Personal Training Session

This follows the Goal and Fitness Assessment. This is a custom designed workout that is up to 60
minutes. This session is led by a certified personal trainer.

Contact our Fitness Advisor Chad at chadb@raintreeathleticclub.com to schedule your appointment.


Our Trainers

Shelby Yoder

Sandy Aldern

Darrin Campbell

Jenny Powelka

Tracy Ibarra Ashley Talebi Niki Veldman

Daniel Landry

Justin Frank

Matt Huerta

Jeremy Finkenstadt