1. Finding Ways to Deal with Stress

    What’s a typical day like for you? The alarm sounds. Hop in the shower or head for the gym. Grab a coffee and maybe a bit of breakfast, sometimes devouring it mindlessly in the car as you head to work, knowing you’ve got to catch the green lights if you’re to get there on time. The job greets you head on, and you better get with it if you’re to accomplish everything you’ve planned for th…Read More

  2. 6 Weeks of GRIT Completed!

    I have never committed to anything fitness-wise but after trying a Les Mills GRIT demo, as well as waking up every morning and wanting a different physique, I made a decision to devote 30 minutes, twice a week to begin my fitness journey. I decided to join Coach Marissa's GRIT team. Before starting my 6 week program, Marissa and I sat down to discuss my goals and took some starting measuremen…Read More

  3. Team Member Profile – Michael Gonzales

    Anyone that has been at the RAC long enough, knows Michael Gonzales. His outgoing personality and sheer zest for life make him stand out. But there are some things you might find surprising about this Membership Team Member; for instance he has struggled with weight loss himself. We sat down with Mike as he opened up about his weight loss journey and a little about what has helped him get to wh…Read More

  4. RAC Member Profile – Caroline Chant

     Caroline Chant has been a RAC member for almost two years and in that time has grown in her passion for health and fitness. So much so that she is now pursuing her dream of becoming a personal trainer. We sat down with her for a little Q&A session to find out what makes her tick: Q. Where did you begin your fitness journey? Tell us a little about how you got started working out. A. I got s…Read More

  5. Winter Gear Donation Drive A Success

    Once again, the Raintree Athletic Club community came through. Every year RAC partners with Homeless Gear for a "Winter Gear Donation Drive," collecting gently used or new coats, gloves, scarves and other items for those less fortunate in Fort Collins. This year an emphasis was placed on sock donations for the Sock It To 'Em Campaign - an organization that aims to cover the feet of homeless …Read More

  6. First Les Mills GRIT Team in Northern Colorado Launches

    YEAH TEAM MARISSA!!! Nobody said it was going to be easy, but man is it fun! It's like one of those 8 a.m. college economics classes you take during the final semester of your senior year just to motivate or prove to yourself that you have the intestinal fortitude to push through it; only with GRIT, there is sweat involved. I signed up for Les Mills GRIT (Team Marissa) with one goal in mind and th…Read More

  7. Team Member Profile – Sterling Clay

    Sterling Clay has been a part of the RAC Team for nearly a year and has built a rapport with not only his colleagues, but more importantly with the members that see him on a daily basis at the RAC Cafe & Bar. Not only a whiz in the kitchen, Sterling has parlayed his love of music into a Thursday night gig at the RAC playing live music. We sat down with him to find out what makes him tick. Q: …Read More

  8. 2015 RAC For Life Scholarship Winner Announced

    Amy Howe is going to stand out no matter what she does, and that is why she submitted her letter to be considered for this years RAC For Life Scholarship. A Fort Collins native, Amy has been an off and on member of the RAC for a number of years. It was actually her mother, a current member, that heard about the scholarship and encouraged Amy to apply. On the surface, Amy is a beautiful 32 year…Read More

  9. A first hand look at Les Mills GRIT

    I'll be honest, I had to psych myself up for this one a little bit. Even before the class started, one of my cohorts spotted me in my "not work clothes" and said, "You look like you are getting ready to do something you don't want to do!" Okay, so unnamed coworker may have been right (knowing that yours truly isn't in the best shape to begin with), but I was willing to try for the benefit of the m…Read More

  10. Journey To Everest – Fitness & Fortitude

    In everyone’s life, there are a few times when an enormous opportunity presents itself. The potential and rewards are so big, that you know that you simply MUST try. But, the challenges and risks loom even bigger. You might feel scared or hesitant. The tempting objective demands more than you have, more than you are. So, to succeed you must become more. My big, scary opportunity has arrived: In …Read More