1. Download our NEW RAC App!

    We are thrilled to announce that our NEW Raintree Athletic Club smart phone app is now available for both iPhone & Droid users! Have our old app? Delete it from your phone first. Search for “Raintree Athletic Club” in the app store - the blue icon (available for both Apple & Android) Download the new app! NEW App Features: CLASS SCHEDULES - new: save your favorite classes, or add them …Read More

  2. Pilates For Men – Every Tuesday at 12pm

    We are excited to announce that Pilates For Men is now offered every Tuesday at 12pm with Analia. This class focuses on men's needs: flexibility, endurance, core strength, and control. Throughout class, your body and mind will be challenged with exercises using a variety of Pilates equipment. Tuesdays | 12:00-12:55pm | Pilates Studio 1 class: $25/members, $30/non-members 5 pack: $100/members, $135…Read More

  3. New Massage Service – Massage Cupping!

    Radiant Balance Massage is now offering Massage Cupping! New Massage Therapist Erin Mader is offering a special promotion now through October 31, 2017! Receive $10 Off a 60 or 90 minute deep tissue massage paired with massage cupping. What is massage cupping? Massage cupping utilizes gentle suction cups on the skin to remove inflammation and toxins, soften connective tissue and release tension "kn…Read More

  4. Calling All RAC Moms!

    Moms of all ages and fitness levels are welcome to join trainer Michelle Tucker in the gym for a free 30-minute group workout, followed by a free cup of coffee and mommy time in the RAC Café. Members only. No registration required. Pregnancy modifications will be available. Every Thursday at 9:00am | Beginning August 31st For more information contact Michelle at MichelleTuckerPT@gmail.com.…Read More

  5. 2017 Scholarship Winner Update

    Meet Gia Heflin, an Army Reservist, single mother, master’s student, and Raintree Athletic Club’s 2017 scholarship winner. As the recipient of the 2017 RAC Scholarship, Gia won 12 personal training sessions, 7 nutrition sessions and a detailed weekly meal plan, starting measurements, and guidance on different exercises as well as motivation here at the club. You can catch Gia working with her …Read More

  6. 8th Annual Fitness Festival to Benefit Dunn Elementary

    We are thrilled to invite you to be a part of Raintree Athletic Club’s fundraising efforts at our 8th Annual Fitness Festival. We have exciting changes planned to make this year’s event the best yet. The festival will now be a two-day event on both Friday evening, August 4th AND Saturday morning, August 5th. We, at Raintree Athletic Club, believe that instilling the passion for lifelong fitnes…Read More

  7. 7 Tips to Spring into a Healthier Easter

    Celebrating Easter with the family usually comes with treat baskets for the kids, hunting for chocolate and candies, and a wide brunch or dinner spread. You may not be able to sell your kids entirely on carrots and only healthy options gifted from the Easter Bunny, but there are choices that can make the holiday a healthier day for the whole family. Go for dark chocolate (if your kids will eat it)…Read More

  8. Start on the Right Foot With Running: 10 Tips

    New to running or just out of the game?  Spring is running season and the races and events may be a tempting challenge, but where should you start? RAC Personal Trainer and resident running expert Ashley Foos has 10 tips for runners looking to get back into the swing of things. Invest in New Shoes: If you know your shoes are 2+ years old or you have run over 500 miles in them already, most like…Read More

  9. Body Acceptance – A different perspective

    Approximately 91% of women in the United States are unhappy with their body appearance. Approximately 43% of men are similarly dissatisfied. Each day, we are bombarded with images of “perfect” men and women — in magazines, TV, movies, and on social media. It seems like we can hardly go anywhere without seeing headlines promising “drop 15lbs in just two weeks!” or flipping through magazin…Read More

  10. February: Heart Health Month

      Did you know that over 1 million American lives are taken annually due to heart disease? This makes it the number one killer of both men and women in this country. Heart Disease is known as a “silent killer,” often showing little or no symptoms. The only way to check for issues that may be affecting your body is to get regular checkups including management of healthy weight, blood pres…Read More