1. Tribe Team Training At RAC!

      Tribe Team Training already boasts thousands of members from all around the globe, and in the new year, it’s coming to Raintree Athletic Club too.  While RAC already offers a wide variety of group fitness programs, the addition of Tribe Team Training will fill the small group training niche for which many have been waiting. So, what is the big deal with Tribe Team Training then? In short, th…Read More

  2. Annie Carey – 2018 RAC Scholarship Winner!

    By Nikki Halvorsen Each year, Raintree Athletic Club offers up the RAC Scholarship to one deserving club member. The RAC Scholarship entitles the recipient to 12 personal training sessions, nutrition education and planning, and a whole year’s worth of support to help him or her achieve their health and wellness goals. As 2018 comes to a close, we checked it with last year’s scholarship winner,…Read More

  3. Top 5 Best & Worst Halloween Candy Choices

    It seems like the Halloween candy displays in the stores come out earlier and earlier each year, and now that we are over halfway through October, the Halloween chocolate temptations are out in full effect! Life is all about balance, so we say: enjoy the candy! If you are particularly concerned about breaking the calorie-bank with all those fun-size options, we’ve done the legwork for you. Here …Read More

  4. Supporting Mental Health with Healthy Exercise Habits

    By Nikki Halvorsen We talk a lot about improving our health in the fitness industry, for obvious reasons, but too often, mental health is omitted from the conversation. While some people may feel there is a stigma surrounding mental health issues, there has been a push in recent years to end that embarrassing or shameful feeling. Mental health plays a huge role in overall health and wellness, and …Read More

  5. 200 Yoga Teacher Certification Begins Sept 18th at RAC!

    The Yoga Teacher Certification Lead by Jason Diaz & Jill Mollenhauer leverages Yin yoga’s extensive knowledge of the physical body, coupled with the Ayurveda’s treatment toward individual care.  You are guaranteed to know how to connect with others while allowing freedom for uniqueness in a safe manner.  Our specialized class development process with enable teachers to share their own …Read More

  6. RAC presents Athletes In Tandem with Donation Check

    We were thrilled to present a check for $1500 to Athletes in Tandem, Inc. this morning. The money was raised during our 2nd Annual Golf Tournament held last October. Athletes in Tandem will be cycling through Yellowstone National Park for four days in May. Levina Miller, of Lititz, PA, an athlete who has done several triathlons with Dennis Vanderheiden, has dreamed of visiting Yellowstone and wi…Read More