Raintree Athletic Club

  1. Foundations of Yoga for Women Workshop

    Start from scratch & build your yoga foundation in an atmosphere ‘just for the girls’! This series presents foundational yoga postures, transitions, and hands-on adjustments. Classes will bu…Read More

  2. Spring Clean Your Aches & Pains!

    Register today for our Roll & Rossiter for Upper & Lower Body Workshop Saturday, April 1st | 10:00am | Conference Room $20/members, $25/non-members Led by Rossiter Coach Cat Turner, you'll lea…Read More

  3. Start on the Right Foot With Running: 10 Tips

    New to running or just out of the game?  Spring is running season and the races and events may be a tempting challenge, but where should you start? RAC Personal Trainer and resident running expert A…Read More

  4. Body Acceptance – A different perspective

    Approximately 91% of women in the United States are unhappy with their body appearance. Approximately 43% of men are similarly dissatisfied. Each day, we are bombarded with images of “perfect” me…Read More

  5. How Energy Work Can Help Your Immunity – A Free Seminar

    Psychoneuroimmunology: The Impact of Stress on Immunity and Your Overall Health & Wellness. Join RAC Reiki Practitioner Shelbie DeMott for this free seminar to learn how energy work can help! M…Read More

  6. February: Heart Health Month

      Did you know that over 1 million American lives are taken annually due to heart disease? This makes it the number one killer of both men and women in this country. Heart Disease is known as a …Read More

  7. Spring Volleyball Leagues

    Spring Volleyball Leagues Announced!  Grab your teammates and get registered ASAP! CO-ED REC 6 v 6 (3 males & 3+ females) Begins April 4 (8 week season) Tuesdays | 6:00 - 10:00pm TEAM FEE: $175…Read More

  8. Tuesday Morning Pilates Spotlight

    If you haven't taken a class with our talented Root Pilates team yet, you are missing out! We'd like to place the spotlight on Bryndi Thompson, one of our instructors who is ready to give you and amaz…Read More

  9. RAC Hosting EMBRACE Documentary – SOLD OUT

    Why do so many people hate their bodies? See one woman’s global journey to discover what we can do about it. EMBRACE Documentary Screening Thursday, March 9th | 7:30pm | Cinema Saver Fort Collins …Read More

  10. Reiki Package Pricing Now Available – Limited Time!

    Connect to your spirit, reduce stress, enhance relaxation & promote healing with a package of 1-on-1 Reiki Sessions. Reiki uses a technique commonly called hands-on healing to transfer universal e…Read More

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