Nobody said it was going to be easy, but man is it fun!

It’s like one of those 8 a.m. college economics classes you take during the final semester of your senior year just to motivate or prove to yourself that you have the intestinal fortitude to push through it; only with GRIT, there is sweat involved.

I signed up for Les Mills GRIT (Team Marissa) with one goal in mind and that was to get in shape for my family. If I’m lucky enough to shed a few pounds along the way then that will be like a cherry on top of the sundae. (And, by the way after 1 week of doing things the right way, I am down three pounds. Not monumental, but in my book it’s a win.)

Let me start by saying that me and my 50.7 ounce bottle of water have become quite good friends during this first week. It is something that I’ve struggled with in the past, being that my vice is a tasty Coca-Cola every now and then.

Team Marissa
Team Marissa (Jon – back row left)

Day 1 was exciting to say the least. The three workout formats of GRIT are CARDIO, PLYO and STRENGTH. We started with STRENGTH and if anyone knows me or has even seen me, you can figure out that I don’t have the friendliest of relationships with lifting weights. I was prepared for the hurt and it did – but it was the good kind of hurt. My sore muscles let me know that I was doing it right and my body might be changing.


Day 2 was CARDIO, this time in Studio 2 of the RAC. No equipment, no weights, just me against my own body weight. It was my favorite format of the three and the one I felt most successful at. Sprints, lunges and burpees have become part of my everyday vernacular.


The start of the second week brought about the PLYO workout. It was the same workout I did in my February free demo, so my mind set going in wasn’t that great … I’ll admit, I was a little scared. But unlike the demo, this time my ability to stay with the exercise sets was much improved. Something must be working.


I can’t state it enough … having the right coach makes a huge difference. Marissa is constantly encouraging, high-fiving and saying something about “Beast Mode”! The fact that she gives us options makes it, especially for me (a workout novice), that much better. We have a great team and the effort from each teammate is incredible. I continue with day 4 on Thursday and unlike past attempts to get myself healthy, I can’t wait.

By: Jon Yunt