Chelsey Peacock (1)In 2012, I found my passion practicing yoga regularly.  Focusing more on the physical practice to begin, had emerged into something beautiful inward. I specifically enjoy the dance of the asana flow and the energy that it provides for me.  Someone once told me that “yoga is an ongoing practice.”  This resonated with me as I was seeing the changes in not only my body, but in my mind after practicing consistently for awhile. 

In 2013, I became a certified yoga instructor through Shambhava School of Yoga at Om Ananda Yoga Studio, in downtown Fort Collins, CO.  By using what I have learned in my training, I believe I can connect with people by teaching yoga; whether they want to focus on the physical practice, the breath, meditation or all of these into their practice. 

To me, yoga is joining the mind, body, and spirit all together.  Through my personal practice that I have become more aware of my mind and spirit, which affect my every day life in a better way.  To me, sharing this lovely culture is a privilege as I have made it an important part of my life.  I want to offer growth with mind, body, and spirit to each student I have the honor to teach.