Carolyn completed her initial massage training at Heartwood Institute in Garberville, CA in 1995. Since that time she has pursued life-long learning, formal education, and experience in the natural health eld. She has worked with a diverse spectrum of clients with varying health goals and issues, adding a range of bodywork modalities through the years in addition to practicing as a western herbalist and holistic instructor.

As a partner in her clients well-being, Carolyn approaches her bodywork sessions from a body-mind standpoint – consciously holding a safe space for clients to completely relax and engage with their experience. Each massage is a unique integration of techniques including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular, and Energy Work, based on the needs and desires of each individual client. She offers hands- on support for those healing from injury, releasing accumulated stress and emotional patterns, and rediscovering deeper comfort and wisdom in the
body. She especially enjoys working with people committing to their own self care and well-being at all stages, assisting in their process. She specializes in Maternity Massage and encourages pre- and post-natal mothers to receive extra care at this vital time.

Along with her love of medicinal plants, Carolyn has an immense appreciation for the great outdoors – hiking and camping, natural living, homespun crafts, pets, friends & family, and being part of creating a more ecologically sustainable community here in Northern Colorado.

“The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in being well.” – Hippocrates