Jon Yunt GRITI have never committed to anything fitness-wise but after trying a Les Mills GRIT demo, as well as waking up every morning and wanting a different physique, I made a decision to devote 30 minutes, twice a week to begin my fitness journey. I decided to join Coach Marissa’s GRIT team.

Before starting my 6 week program, Marissa and I sat down to discuss my goals and took some starting measurements. Not only did I want to get healthy for myself, but more importantly for my wife and daughter who need a healthy husband and daddy in their life. I stepped onto the scale and weighed a personal high 236 pounds … a majority of which was right around my midsection.

The team of 11 participants embarked on a journey that would test us physically and push us to the brink mentally. Each and every 30 minute workout — be it cardio, plyo or strength — was intense. The heavy breathing began shortly after the warmup.

Through the whole thing, Marissa was fantastic. She pushed us, encouraged us and most of all, NEVER let us quit. Whether squats, burpees or push-ups, she was right there to lead the way. There were a couple of teammates that were also extremely encouraging – thank you Sally and Jodi for being awesome.

GRIT Team Marissa After our final session (6 weeks later) it was time to step on the scale again. I got all the confirmation I needed that GRIT was indeed working. I was down to 227 pounds, I had lost an inch around what I have for hips and gained and inch on my biceps. Perhaps the best news of all came when we took my blood pressure and what is usually uncomfortably high, came back with a reading of 130/79.

It works people! I urge anyone out there to try one of the upcoming free demos to see if it is a good fit for you. If so, take the even bigger step of joining a team for the next 6 week session. I still have some personal goals I would like to meet and I know GRIT can help me achieve them.

If you have any questions about the program, don’t hesitate to reach out to GRIT Coaches Marissa, Ben or Ty. Laury Dennis, RAC Fitness Director can also answer any questions.

By: Jon Yunt

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